Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My baby's favorite TV commerial

It isn't very surprising to me that most babies get sucked into movies that are made totally for them, like Baby Einstein.  My little guy has a Baby Einstein favorite: Baby Neptune- Discovering Water.  When I need to get something done or just have a minute to myself to relax or even shower, this Baby Einstein video is our life saver!  It grabs his attention and keeps him occupied for a few precious moments.  

Lately, there has been a new commercial on TV that grabs Brennan's attention just as well as the Baby Einstein video.  Unfortunately, it is only 30 seconds long, but it sure is funny to watch Brennan stop dead in his tracks to watch his favorite commercial.  It is the newest commercial for K9 Advantix II and it features a bunch of dogs.  No wonder my baby loves it!  He even recognizes the music.  He can be in another room and come running when he hears it!  Silly baby.  Here's the commercial:

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