Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Late Toddler Talk Tuesday- The Tape

The Tape- 

This story is short but sweet!  Last night at a few minutes after 7:00, I realized that I hadn't set the Tivo to record Dancing With the Stars...

Me: Brennan, I'll turn your show back on in a minute.  I have to tape something.

Brennan runs into the kitchen and starts rifling through a drawer, mostly unnoticed.

Brennan: I got it, Mama!

Me: What do you  have?

Brennan: The tape!  I got the tape for you!

He begins to bring a roll of masking tape over to me.

Me: Brennan, put the tape back.  I don't need to tape... OH!  You are so sweet!  Thank you for the tape!

What a sweet little boy.  He took my request to tape something a little too literally!  :)

Wordless Wednesday- Random Fall Activities

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tragedy and Loss of a Baby- What might have been...

Where do I even start?

I believe that everything, good or bad, truly does happen for a reason.  God does have a plan.  This belief helps me to cope with the struggles I face in life.  It was especially reassuring after my miscarriage.  I only hope it reassures my family members that are struggling the most right now.

We were supposed to have a brand new niece and nephew now- not twins, but one on each side of the family, due two days apart.  In August, tragedy struck.  Ryan's brother and his wife lost their daughter.  At a routine check up, no heartbeat was found and labor had to be induced.  She delivered her stillborn baby girl.

Honestly, since then we've been extra nervous about my sister and her baby.  When something so traumatic happens, it makes the fact that stuff really can and does go wrong even more clear.  And what made this whole situation even more freaky were the similarities.  Both couples were expecting their first baby- one due yesterday and one due tomorrow, both live in the same city in Texas, and both purchased a new home and moved during the pregnancy.  It was enough to make everyone a little leery.  

Sadly, it proved to be too similar.  My sister was induced after some bad looking lab tests at her last appointment.  The labor was long and finally a c-section was done.  Their son's heart stopped beating during delivery.  He couldn't be revived.  My sister was under general anesthesia during the delivery and didn't find out what had happened until after the fact.

Words cannot describe my sadness and the depth of my sympathy for both families.  I can tell you, my miscarriage was hard enough.  It was devastating.  But this is entirely different and just so much worse.  Houses full of baby stuff, reminders of the gift they thought they would be bringing home with them.  The physical pain accompanying the delivery.  Instead of happily showing off their brand new babies, they need to explain over and over and over again what happened.  I only hope that they both have and will turn to God for comfort and strength rather than aiming their anger at him and resenting him.  

In 3 weeks, I was supposed to be holding 2 brand new babies.  God is holding them instead.

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers during this tragic and hard time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bryleigh's Latest Achievements!

Lately I've been telling you about all of the cute things Brennan has been saying and doing.  He is developing such a funny personality!

Well, I thought I should brag up my baby girl a little!  Bryleigh is ALREADY almost 7 months.  She'll officially be 7 months on Halloween.   Better start planning that first birthday party! :)  

She has become extremely mobile, crawling around the house quickly and getting wherever she wants to go.  Within the last couple of weeks she has begun to pull up on the furniture already!  I cannot believe that she'd doing this!  She is on the small side for her age, so it looks ridiculous to see such a tiny little body accomplishing such impressive things.

Bryleigh's 2nd tooth just popped through a few days ago.  What perfect timing!  She's starting to look like a little Jack-o-lantern just in time for Halloween.  One thing that I love about her is that when you hand her a teether or something to chew on, she doesn't drop it.  She's got a death grip on that thing, so I have very little worry of losing anything in a store, etc.

She seems to be laying the groundwork for waving.  I can't say that we've seen a full fledged wave yet, but we have seen little hand movements that resemble waves, for sure.  Along with that social part of her personality comes talking.  She's been babbling up a storm for the last few days!  She makes lots of different sounds, each cuter than the next.  And the fact that her brother has to copy her every noise is pretty adorable, too.  I can only imagine in a couple of years how many times I will hear, "Mooooommm!  Brennan is copying me!"  Bryleigh hasn't said a definitive "Mama" or "Dada" yet, but when she cries she has started the "Mamamamamamama" stuff...  I'll just say that she knows what she wants.

Her extreme distaste for anyone but me is improving.  For a few weeks, anytime I would set her down or pass her off to anyone else, she would SCREAM HER HEAD OFF!  Now, she finally is beginning to get more comfortable with other people again.  She really enjoys spending a bit of time on the floor to play and explore.  She is already getting into stuff!  This morning I found her trapped underneath the kitchen table and she already enjoys pulling books off of the bookshelf (and onto herself).  I've noticed one big difference between her and Brennan- a stern look or a firm 'no' seems to get to her, whereas Brennan has never cared.  One of the first signs that her personality might be modeled after me.  I guess Ryan was just like Brennan as a kid, so maybe we'll each have a mini-me.

Bry is beginning to enjoy some solid food.  She likes bananas and carrots and isn't the biggest fan of cereals yet.  Next on the agenda- peas!

Watching Bryleigh and Brennan interact makes me so happy.  She lights up when he comes around and he is the same way.  He tells her many times a day that she is such a nice girl and is so so cute.  He showers her with affection... or maybe I should say that he typhoons her with affection since it is quite often a little wilder and rougher than we would prefer. 

We are so blessed to have such amazing kids.  I love watching them grow and wonder each day with life has in store for them...  Many wonderful, amazing experiences, I hope!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday! Our "Baby" talk & Getting Bones

Our "Baby" Talk-

The other day, Brennan woke up from his nap a little too early and was crying and whining in his room.  I went in to calm him down and try to get him to go back to sleep.  I crawled into his little toddler bed and snuggled him close.  Our conversation went something like this-

Me: Oh, Brennan.  I love you so much.  You're such a nice guy.
Brennan: And you have a baby in your tummy.
Me: What??
Brennan: You have a baby in your tummy!
Me:  If you say so.  But I sure hope not!  You must really like Bryleigh if you want me to have another baby in my tummy.  Do you want another baby?
Brennan: Yes.

Later on, when Ryan got home, I told Brennan to tell him what he thinks is in my tummy.  Brennan excitedly told Ryan the story.

Ryan: What's in Mama's tummy?
Brennan: There's a baby in Mama's tummy!.... Actually, there's two babies!
Ryan: This just gets better and better!


Getting Bones

Lately, we've been working hard on getting Brennan to drink milk from a cup.  He is still hooked on the bottle, but we have successfully taken it away at nap time and replaced it with a cup (which he reluctantly drinks from with lots of prodding) so that he only has morning and night bottles now.  Yesterday, before his nap, we talked about milk.

Me: Brennan, take another sip of your milk.  Remember, milk is good for your body and you need it!
Brennan: Yeah!  It makes me big and strong (shows his muscles) and then I'll get bones!

Cool.  I would have guess he already had a few of those.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Very Early Christmas Laugh! Hilarious Photos!

I got an email forward from my Mom this morning that had me laughing out loud.  I'm attaching several of the pictures that were included in the email for your enjoyment....

Can you believe that Christmas is their favorite holiday?

Looks like they'll be spending the money they saved by buying fig leaves on counseling for the kids, instead!  I really don't think this is what people mean by "Christmas Eve"!

This is truly the 'Son of Dog'.

They just figured they'd attempt a bad photo rather than accidentally creating one.

Nothin' classier than a redneck Christmas!

Christmas Camo

Add caption"Kid, is that a balloon or are you just happy to see me?"

If the dog can be this humiliated, let's hope he never has kids!


This looked cooler in their heads.

Trying to hard to be a MILF.

They thought this would be easier than decorating the whole house.

The ingredients for some freaky nightmares.

Everyone in their Christmas PJ's.

Santa is being held hostage!  I think I'd just hand over the toys.  The elves will get over it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bulb Syringe vs. Turkey Baster- Explanation, please?

OK.  I need an explanation.

Someone explain to my why Brennan would think it is SO horrible when I use a bulb syringe on him to get rid of the boogies when he is sick, but why it is perfectly fine for him to use a TURKEY BASTER on himself?

Seriously!  Having 


up your nose is worse than


Brennan has his own turkey baster to play with in his little toy kitchen or in the bathtub.  Today, however, he was holding it while we were hanging out on the couch.  I was crafting so I didn't notice what he was doing with it.    All of a sudden he excitedly tells me, "Mom!  I got my boogers out with this pump!"  Wow...  Maybe next time I'LL try the turkey baster on him and see what he thinks then!

Picture credits: Turkey baster-, Bulb syringe-

Cleava Winner!

Congratulations to our Cleava winner, LaTanya!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter my giveaway, especially all of my new followers!  I hope you'll come back once in a while!  Watch for the next giveaway in the near future!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Great Canvas Print Giveaway!

Hi everybody!

I just wanted to quickly share a great giveaway with you!  One of the blogs I follow is running a giveaway for a Canvas Print from Printcopia.  These make such a beautiful decoration and look so classic!  I hope you'll check it out!  Perfectly Imperfect Mom: Canvas Print Giveaway  The giveaway ends tomorrow, so be sure to stop by today!  Let her know I sent you! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jimmy John's Commercial had me Giggling!

I heard this commercial on the radio the other night and it had me laughing!  I hope you all enjoy a laugh on your Sunday, too!

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Cabbage Patch Kid!

My mom has told me a few times now that she thinks Bryleigh looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid.

 I never saw it until today...

Wow.  It is almost uncanny.

Just happy mine isn't plastic!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cleava Review and Giveaway!

I've had the pleasure of trying out a Cleava Snap-To-Bra Cami in order to write a review.  A Cleava is a small piece of material that snaps to each bra strap, and simulates a layered look.  This product is such a great idea, especially for people like me who struggle to find shirts that cover their cleavage, but want to dress modestly, at least sometimes.

After wearing the Cleava a few times, I have come to a conclusion- I really like it!  I like almost everything about it!  Here are my favorite things about it:
  • Hides cleavage easily and in an attractive way
  • Eliminates bulky tank tops or camis that bunch and ride up
  • Great for breastfeeding compared to a traditional tank or cami
  • Goes on and off fast
  • Comfortable- I easily forgot that I was wearing it
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and styles including lace edge
  • Easy care- wash like most other normal garments
Even after thinking hard about it I could only come up with 2 things that I don't love about the Cleava:
  • With a smooth shirt, you may be able to see the edge lines of the Cleava, though it actually looks like the edges of your bra.
  • The price is a bit high for such a small, simple garment with a regular MSRP of $29.95-$34.95.
I want to give you a visual of how the Cleava attaches to your bra and how easy it is.

I really think that Cleava would be a great stocking stuffer with Christmas right around the corner.  I would definitely be happy to find one in my stocking. 

Great news!  Cleava has generously offered to give away one Cleava of their choice to one lucky winner.  But if you don't want to wait and try to win, and would rather purchase a Cleava now, I've also got a couple of special deals to save you a little on them!
  • For a limited time, Cleavas are on sale from $19.95 - $24.95 at  That's $10 off of the regular MSRP.
  • 30 DAY GUARANTEE- If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Cleava, you can return it within 30 days of your purchase.  Click Here to Order Your Cleava Today! 
  • Free shipping (Minimum order of $30)!  Here's your code- 'FSAD'.  Free Shipping Offer Expires: 10/25/12.

Enter the Giveaway!

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