Friday, May 27, 2011

A Good Friday Night Laugh! German Coastguard Video..

Hello to all my loyal followers!

The other night I was watching a funniest commercials show and this commercial was shown.  I laughed SO HARD!  I hope you all enjoy!


  1. Oh poor sinking germans not have the "TH" sound?!?! LOL

  2. Haaaa! I had to have my kids all gather round to see that. It was hilarious. Thanks for finding it and sharing. Loved it!

  3. That IS funny!!! Can't wait to show my German friends! Think they'll laugh as hard as I just did? ;)

  4. Guess what I'm eating while having a good lol at this post? YOUR cheesecake! Well, my cheesecake now. ;)

    SOOOOO good. I am rather proud of myself...turned out awesome. I followed your instructions to a T and let it cool slowly all day. No cracks!

    Thanks again for the recipe. BTW - gave you the versatile blogger award earlier today...stop by and pick it up!


  5. I'm glad you all loved it so much!!! I just couldn't help but share it- it is too funny.

    Babymama- I'm glad you love the cheesecake! I really do think it is worth the fuss. I always top it with crushed strawberries... yum! And thanks for the award! I'll check it out!


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