Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Mother of all Garage Sale Weekends: 100 Mile Garage Sale!

If you read the post that I wrote three weeks ago about garage sales, you know how much I love them!  That's why this weekend is such an exiting one.  It is 100 Mile Garage Sale weekend!  The 100 Mile Garage Sale is exactly what it sounds like, 100 straight miles of garage sales!  There is even a website for it.

It's a dream for the garage saler and anyone trying to clean out their house!  Many of the sales opened today and the rest will open either tomorrow or Saturday.  I've already hit a few sales today and I'm planning on going tomorrow, too.

So far my finds include: 2 shirts and one pair of shoes for Brennan, a set of new Baby Einstein bath toys, a pipe cutter tool, a perennial plant, and a fish tank with accessories!  I just love the variety of things I end up finding.

I also placed a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get rid of on my curb with a free sign.  So far two thirds of it has been taken and we have 3 days left!  Yay!

There is only one bad thing about the weekend- the CrAzY drivers!  I sometimes refer to it as, "The 100 Mile Per Hour Garage Sale"!  If I can make it through the weekend without being run over, trampled, or involved in a fender bender  I'll be thrilled!  Wish me luck!  There are baby clothes and lots of other stuff to be had!

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