Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring has sprung!

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It seems like it has taken its sweet time, but spring is finally here.  The flowers are beginning to bloom and the grass is finally becoming lush and green.  Spring is my favorite season!

Here is my lone tulip.  I planted a bunch of tulips on the edge of our front sidewalk 2 years ago, but they must be too deep.  Last year we didn't get any flowers and this year, we got our one lone tulip.  I wish there were more, but at least I have one beauty!  We plan to raise the bulbs a little after they die back a bit.

This is the second year with our beautiful Profusion crab apple tree.  It makes the most beautiful little flowers each spring and then produces crab apples that the birds just love!  I took 3 shots of the same blossoms as they matured.

Along with the desirable flowers, I've got some "undesirable" ones as well.  I honestly think they are all pretty!  I've been busy pulling the dandelions because I don't want them on the whole yard, but I have a hard time killing the violets!  I mowed some of them, but I left some alone, too.  I like to pick them and bring them inside to put in tiny little vases.

I've got some annual pansies in one of my flower boxes.  They don't look very good yet, but they always take time to fill in.

I've also got a big, beautiful pink bleeding heart, and just transplanted one in white that my Mom gave me.  These are some of the most beautiful flowers ever!

Even my Lily of the Valleys are beginning to open!  These flowers just smell so good and I love the tiny, white, delicate bells.

And another sure sign that it is spring- the Mama birds are sitting on eggs that are getting ready to hatch.  I caught this Mama Robin on her eggs in the nest she built on our neighbor's house.

I'm so glad it is finally warming up!  It's been just wonderful to be able to spend time outside (comfortably) playing, biking, walking, and doing yard work.  Not to mention the fact that Brennan just LOVES being outside!

I remember watching this one episode of The Andy Griffith show with my Dad as a child (rerun, of course)- Barney and the Choir.  Anyway, it features Barney in a choir singing "Welcome, Sweet Springtime!"  I remember how my Dad and I just laughed and laughed!!!  So, in honor of Springtime, I'm going to include links to the episode, in 3 pieces.  If you want a good laugh and something to smile about, take a look!


  1. As soon as you said the Andy Griffith Show and Springtime in the same sentence, I knew where you were going with that. I loved that show! We borrowed all of the seasons and my kids love that show. They sure don't make them like they used to.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.

  2. Haha! I figure some people would have already seen the show. I know I have, but I definitely intend to watch it again. It's just too funny!


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