Friday, May 27, 2011

My Baby Bites! Help!

Attention Mothers! (and Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Teachers, Daycare Providers and anyone else that has experience with toddlers!)

I am asking for child rearing advice!  My precious baby boy (15 months), whom you all know I just adore, is a very stubborn, strong-willed little guy.  The older he gets, the harder he gets to handle!  He definitely understands what "no" means, but he rarely chooses to listen to it.  We've tried to be firm and consistent with him, giving time outs and/or redirecting him to another activity, but in two seconds flat he is back to doing the unwanted behavior.  

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Our biggest problem lately is that he is becoming violent.  If we tell him "no" and try to pick him up, or walk him away from where he is, he'll bite!  He has also been known to pinch and hit, mainly in the face.  Don't get me wrong- I'm not trying to make him sound like a little monster!  He doles out as many kisses and hugs as he does bites, but we need him to realize that biting is NOT OK!  Last week my left forearm was covered in jaw shaped bruises and this week it is my right arm.  He tends to bite me more than his Dad or anyone else.  I think it is because I'm the one home with him all day so I'm the main disciplinarian. 

So, I'm wondering.  Has anyone dealt with this sort of thing (obviously!)?  What did you do?  What worked for you?  Do you have any ideas to help stop the biting, specifically, or about dealing with a strong-willed child, in general?  I'm open to any and all suggestions and I'm getting desperate for some help in this area!  We are bringing Brennan to the doctor for his 15 month well baby check this morning and I definitely plan to ask the doctor what he suggests, as well.  Here's hoping someone has some good advice for me!


  1. Yours and mine are in the same exact stage right now.He's 18 months and has been watching too many boxing matches. He usually tries to take a swing at us if he doesn't get his way, and then I'd give his little hand a wack. It seems to be working...

  2. I know you have probably heard this a few times already... but it is a phase they go through. My middle one used to bite - a lot! My friend had just had her baby (she was probably -3 wks old) and he bit her! I think he wanted to kiss her but decided to bite instead! (I don't know why and he didn't either). Well, I put him on time out. I tried to be consistent about it. He bit here and there after that... but it eventually got better with less biting. I guess the time outs worked because he is now almost 6 and has not bitten anyone.

  3. Thanks for the advice and sympathy! It is a hard stage! He doesn't respond well to any sort of discipline we've tried so far, but we just keep trying! Can't give in! He's just a stubborn little bugger, but I love him to death!


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