Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Packing Up!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My 3 Valentines. I couldn't be luckier!

Though I don't always realize it or say it enough, I am so lucky and so blessed!

My most recent Valentine arrived 10 1/2 months ago.  Bryleigh has grown so much since then, taking on a mind of her own and a crazy personality to go with it.  She is getting so funny!  I love her silly faces, her imitations, her dancing, and how she just loves to rough house with Valentine #2, her brother!  She shows her love everyday, sometimes a little too much! :)  I love you, my littlest Valentine!

Valentine #2 will be 3 in only ten days!  I truly cannot believe how the time has flown and what an awesome little kid Brennan is turning into!  He is ridiculously smart, pretty stinking adorable, and so hilarious!  He makes me laugh A LOT every single day.  I also just love that he still isn't too old for hugs or kisses and snuggles.  He is caring and loving to his little sister and always makes sure she is being taken care of.  I sure love you, Valentine Boy!

Ahh... This brings me to my last Valentine.  Ryan and I have been together for 10.5 years and married for over 7.5.  He knows me so well and takes great care of all of us.  I love watching how he plays with the kids and listening to them all giggle together.  He is honest and loyal- two traits I admire greatly.  Besides all that, he is a great cook and makes supper most nights.  Trust me- a girl can get used to that!  Thanks for everything, Ryan!  I love you!  We all love you!

I hope you all have someone special to love this Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Busy times at our place! Plus more photos! :)

Holy smokes, it has been TOO LONG since I've written a post!  We have been just a tad busy packing up our entire house for the move, planning new room decor, and nailing down details for both of the kids' birthdays.

So here's where we're at.  I've got almost our entire upstairs loft packed up, Hubby has the garage as packed as possible, and our basement is mostly done.  We've got some of the stuff in our main living area packed, but most of that will probably happen this weekend... we close on Friday the 22nd.

I've got the kids' birthday parties mostly figured out.  Brennan is having a monster-themed party.  It isn't really a Monsters Inc. party, but the monster we are using the most resembles Mike Wazowski.  I mentioned a few posts ago that I was going to make Brennan a monster hat and slippers... they turned out great!  And isn't my goofy little boy the cutest?  :)

Bryleigh's party is going to be on Easter weekend, so we are doing an Easter/Baby chick theme.  Should be so cute!  I'm already looking forward to the cake smash photo session I'm going to do with her!

Besides all the packing lately, I've done a few crochet projects- a couple of angry bird hats, a flower beanie, Brennan's monster gear, and an owl for Bryleigh's owl room in the new house.  In my *spare* time I'm working on a frog for Brennan's new jungle room.

I also got to do a couple of photo shoots on Saturday- a newborn shoot and a boudoir shoot (my first!).  Both went amazingly well and the photos are beautiful.  I've got just a few to share... :)

Gorgeous photo subjects, huh?  That sure makes it fun!

Well, that's all I can think of right now!  Better get back to work!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

$150 Amazon gift card Giveaway!

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