Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #4

For anyone who was following my very first giveaway:
The giveaway ended at Noon today.  I will be announcing a winner tomorrow, so please check back!  Thanks so much to all who participated!  Now, on to the post!

Although Halloween is a while off, this first picture made me laugh hard and I wanted to share it.  I was only seven, but I remember being embarassed even at this age! 

Halloweens past and present...
(Not wordless this time!)

Yeah... I'm supposed to be Princess Jasmine.  This is what Jasmine would look
like in Minnesota!  Haley is the ever popular purple dinosaur, Barney!

Sweet little me kissing my skeleton Papa!

Brennan's first Halloween.  He made his debut as an adorable, hairy spider!
Ryan was the spider web and I was a witch!

The Devil and his pregnant Angel wife.  Maybe we should be counting
2009 as Brennan's first Halloween!
In 2008, I went as a Madrigal Renaissance woman and Ryan was a mad scientist!  It works for him... he is a scientist in real life!  Our dog, Emmy, is possesed in this picture.  Emmy actually wore a cheetah headband for our walk to the neighbor's house- she was a Cheetah Girl!


  1. i love looking at past photos! must've been cold in your neck of the woods during halloween, jasmine! ;) lol i always love family themed costumes - because i can never think of them, i always appreciate others' costumes. my friend dressed her family in a space theme one year because her son wanted to be buzz she was the sun, hubby was the moon, and sister was some star thing - all because of her son's request. too funny, huh??!

  2. ah hi hi hi...I love your post..and I love the way you write.Im your new follower.

  3. I know! Aren't old photos great! Halloween themes are just great, too!

    Marelie- Thanks for the nice compliments! I appreciate them!


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