Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Beautiful February Weather

We were blessed with an incredibly nice stretch of weather in the middle February. This meant a few things for our family.  First off, we got a new roof put on!  We had hail damage from a storm last fall, so our insurance paid to replace the roof. :)  
 I was also able to get the kids out to take some quick photos.  I have been wanting to get a current, really nice photo of the kids, but our latest plumbing project made that want even more necessary!  We had to cut a hole in our bedroom wall in order to replace the master bathroom shower faucet.  We decided to cover the hole with a piece of Masonite and will be covering that with a canvas photo of the kids, in order to leave access to that faucet AND have it look nice!
The photos of the kids turned out great, and I've had a hard time deciding which is my favorite.  I love their big smiles and how much they really love eachother.