Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Brag #2- My baby blows his nose!

Picture courtesy of Specials 4 U
I feel the need to post another baby brag today, purely because this one feels so impressive and unusual to me!  My little man is only about 14 and a half months old.  He just came down with another cold (which is surprising because we are all normally extremely healthy) and has had a runny/stuffy nose as his worst symptom.  I've been wiping his nose constantly, a duty every parent is probably very familiar with.  

A couple days ago, I thought to myself, "It would help so much if he could blow his nose!"  We don't have much luck with nasal aspirators, so a good nose blow would be wonderful.  The next time I saw the need for a nose wipe, I told Brennan, "Brennan, can you blow your nose like Mama?" and showed him how I do it.  Then I put the tissue up to his nose and made the blowing sound again.  Sure enough, he did it!  I was actually completely shocked and really proud!

This is probably such a lame event to be blogging about, but it sure made my day!  He's been doing just great since, too!  I'm not sure what the average nose-blowing age is, so tell me.  When did your kids blow their noses for the first time?


  1. Yay Brennan!!!! I'm pretty sure that most 14 month olds can't figure out how to blow their noses- He's just smarter than most is all!

  2. I think that's the age my youngest son also started blowing his nose...but doesn't seem like they always learn how to pick their noses first before they learn how to blow it?


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