Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day, Everyone!

I remember as a little girl growing up we used to celebrate May 1st- May Day.  It wasn't a big celebration or anything, but it was kind of special to us.  The night before, we would weave little paper baskets.  Most of the time we made heart-shaped ones.  There are directions for how to make them here: Paper Heart Baskets

When we woke up on May Day and before we went to school, we would go outside and pick violets.  Yes.  I know they are considered a weed, but you can't deny how gorgeous those little purple and white violets are!  We would fill our baskets up with the tiny, beautiful flowers and head up and down our gravel road with the baskets.  We went to our neighbors' houses and hung the baskets on their door knobs as a special May Day gift.  It was such a little gesture of kindness, but I'm sure it was enough to make them smile and brighten their day.  I think my Mom did such a wonderful job of teaching us to think of others by doing things like this with us.

I'm very anxious for Brennan to be old enough to do things like this!  It's kind of a good thing he's still too young this year!  Spring STILL hasn't completely rolled in and our violets aren't quite open!  So I guess I'd have to fill the baskets with grass or leaves this year, instead!

Happy May Day, everyone!  Have a beautiful spring!


  1. I always loved doing this! I really liked when Mom French braided the violets into our hair too!

  2. That's right! I remember the violet braids! Was that on May Day?


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