Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Brag #1- My baby ate with a fork!!!

Brennan's eating with a fork!
Alright people- I gave you fair warning.  I said that this blog would probably contain some baby bragging.  Until now, I've kept most of my proud Mama feelings to myself, but after B's most recent accomplishment, I need to brag!  My baby just ate with a fork for the first time!  

Stabbing his macaroni & cheese.
I'm such a proud Mama!  

I just figured I would give him a fork and let him "use" it while he was eating.  I thought it would be great practice.  Well, he just picked it up, stabbed it into his mac and cheese and then shoved it straight into his mouth!  I guess the little guy watches us enough to know how it works!

Before we know it he'll be using spoons and knives.  Maybe by then he'll quit throwing his sippy cup and  pieces of food everywhere!  I hope so!  Our dog just keeps packing on the pounds!  I'll tell you- the 'no table scraps' rule is impossible to enforce with babies in the house!  Oh well... Emmy, enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. I'll get prepared for more bragging because they learn new things so fast! He's a cutie! Love, Melanie


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