Saturday, April 29, 2017

Brennan's Adorable Acrostic Poems

My little man has been learning about acrostic peoems in school. This was the little poem book he made at school.  There are two poems- one about himself and one about our cat.

Brennan is
Really fun
Excited to play
Nise to people
Needs help sometimes
Always fast
North American

Rocky is
Only three
Crazy about
Kinds of toys
Yarn loving

I think he did such a good job and that the poems are so cute!  I think that the North American part is definitely my favorite. :)

Our New Pet Journey!

For a long time now, I've been fighting the city in an attempt to get them to change their ordinance to allow for backyard chickens.  I was hopeful that they would see the light and give it a chance.  But... no such luck.  They didn't.  We had 3 councilmen vote in our favor and needed only one more.  This was our second attempt, so for now, I'm done fighting.  Maybe someday when we get a new council I will try it again.

As disappointing as this all is, I've come up with a solution that will work for me and my family.  We will be raising Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail!  I did MANY hours of research to prepare for this new adventure and feel prepared and ready to go.  Quail are not mentioned as farm animals in our city's ordinance are are not specifially mentioned anywhere.

Last Saturday, Ryan drove me to Osseo, WI to pick up 40 quail hatching eggs.  The seller actually included an extra 6 eggs, so we came home with 46 new would-be quail!  I got them all rested, sanitized, and placed into the incubator.  Now it's been a week and everything still looks good.  I've been DYING waiting.  It seems like it's been so much longer than a week and I absolutely can't wait to see them hatch on or around May 10th.  How many do you think will hatch?  I really don't know what to expect- always a mystery.

Expect to see some cool hatching photos and/or videos as well as some pictures of tiny, fuzzy, adorable babies soon!