Thursday, May 26, 2011

Help Save a life- Be a Donor!

I received an urgent plea from one of my followers yesterday.  They asked if I could share this information with you.  Here's what she has to say,
"The other day - I wrote a post asking for people to donate blood to help a young girl obtain a bone marrow transplant... Please read Haley's Story Here...
Today I was contacted by Erika Toto from DKMS Americas - the worlds largest bone marrow donor center - She gave me a lot of information that can help Haley's family move in the right direction to obtain a donor.... The family will be meeting with Be The Match this week - Be The Match is the National Registry for Bone Marrow. DKMS adds all of their donors to the Be The Match Registry and DKMS does NOT require any of the donors or volunteers to cover the costs of registration. Donors can request kits from around the country on their website They will receive their free kit within 3 business days. I'm thinking this makes testing a bunch easier don't you... Before you leave this blog - Please request your kit today!"

You are eligible to be a donor if you meet the following:
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 55
  • Be in good general health
  • Weigh more than 110lbs but not exceed BMI 40
  • Not be HIV positive or have AIDS
  • Not have had heart surgery or heart disease
  • Not have an autoimmune disorders such lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis
  • Not have sleep apnea, breathing problems or sever asthma (daily inhalers are acceptable)
  • Not have diabetes requiring insulin
  • Not have hepatitis B or C
  • Not have a stroke (including TIA)
  • Not have chronic or severe neck or back problems
  • Not have epilepsy or have a had a seizure within one year
  • Not have a blood clot or a bleeding disorder
  • Not have a personal history of cancer (melanoma, breast, bladder, and cervical cancer)
We are asking you to share this information!  Post it on Facebook, Tweet it, tell your friends and family.  Saving a life can be as simple as making a blood donation (which is how most marrow donations are done nowadays!).  Please get the word out to save a life... Save many lives.... Make a difference!

I'm off to request my kit now!  I hope you'll do the same!


  1. Hey mama,

    I requested mine as well. This story really got me.

    I'm all prepared to make my cheesecake (errr, your cheesecake) and wanted to tweet you but noticed you're not on twitter!

    Are you?

  2. I think I might get a Twitter account... maybe it's time?!? Thanks for requesting a kit! What a difference we can make if we all help each other just a little!


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