Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Brag #3- My Baby is Starting to Talk!

I'm soooo excited that Brennan is really starting to say a few words!  It seems like it took him a little longer than a lot of babies to say some 'real' words, but now it seems like he's learning a new one every day!  Besides saying Mama and Daddy I'm considering his first 'real' words to be "All done!".  I took this video a few days ago...

Isn't that cute!?!  Besides "all done" he is also learning to say "please", "puppy", "Emmy (our dog)", and "bottle".  He'll try to repeat almost anything we ask him to, which I think is very sweet, even if his pronunciation sounds nothing like mine :). 

I can't wait for more words!  It will make our lives so much easier just knowing a little more about what he wants and having him be able to communicate more with us!  My little man is growing up!


  1. oh... so cute!!!! I remember those days so fondly when I was so excited when they first started to make sounds and began to make up their own words. I now secretly wish that my 3 can stay quiet for "just" 5 minutes sometimes... heeheee! :) Have a great weekend Colleen!

    By the way I awarded you with the Blog On Fire Award! You can check it out here:

  2. Ah so cute! Glad his aim isn't that great yet though! Sad my joeys can't talk but you can't have everything! Doesn't seem I'm following you and yet I thought I was, so will rectify that right now. Will have fun watching your little "joey" grow!

  3. He is darling! That is such a fun time when they start talking! They come up with the funniest things!


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