Friday, July 1, 2011

Our little family is growing!

Haha!  I bet I psyched you all out with this title!

We've got 3 new aquatic members of our family- one Mystery Snail and two Fancy Guppies!  Our new Mystery Snail is an adorable, yellow little guy (or girl... let's go with that) named Slimy.  She mostly enjoys hanging out in her shell on the floor of our aquarium, but sometimes likes to go for a long crawl up the walls and around the tank.

Our Guppies are so brightly colored and are fun to watch swimming around with each other.  I think they are good buddies.  The first of our Guppies is turquoise and yellow with a gorgeous yellow and black striped tail.  He is currently still unnamed.  The other guppy is orange with a little dark reddish/purple and a large orange tail.  His name, chosen by Brennan, is Da.  "Da" is Brennan's word for EVERYTHING, so that's what this fish will be called, too.

The fish in the first pictures is Da and the second one is our still unnamed fish.

Unfortunately, we already experienced our first fish tragedy.  Our turquoise and yellow fish is actually a replacement for an all yellow one we had named Mello Yello.  We got Da and Mello Yello (they are in the picture on the right) on Monday  night and Mello Yello passed away on Wednesday morning.  At least I don't have to explain death to Brennan yet!  I felt bad, but I think something must have been wrong with him.  The two fish we have now look happy and healthy and are getting along well together.

Wish us good fish luck!  These are the first fish I've ever kept besides several Goldfish and one Betta! 

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  1. You totally got me! Oh, I was picturing this cute little girl with stickers on her onesies! I was picturing another shot of Ryan, you, Brennan, your dog, and your belly full of love, again. I guess I'll have to wait on that one and just say - congrats on the fish. The bow won't look nearly as cute on them, but someday☺.

  2. :) Haha! I figure I'd get a few people! Can you imagine if that was my big announcement! Oh, your sweet comment makes me smile! My husband loved it, too. Yes, hopefully we'll be taking more pregnancy pictures sometime in the near future. I need that little girl, but more boys would sure be fun, too! I'm thinking Brennan needs a playmate to tame him down!


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