Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Days- Day 7

Day 7- Post a picture of your most treasured item.

Today's picture post is hard!  I couldn't narrow it down to ONE most treasured item, so I did my top 3.  Obviously, I'm not including people as 'items'.  So, in the top 3 we have my wedding ring/anniversary band, my hard drive which contains all of our pictures and videos (Don't worry!  I'm in the process of backing them all up!), and Brennan's day-old-foot replicas we made.  I would be heartbroken if I lost any of these items.

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  1. great items -- my fingers swelled up A LOT after #3 so I have not worn my rings in a LONG time. I am making time this fall to have it resized! Yes, the hard drive is a great thing to treasure and back up. A few years ago we lost all of our pictures... my oldest's birth photos!!! (sigh, what else can I do now?!) We now have a back up system that saves every night! :) And your last item is very precious, we do not have any of our children's footprint like that - what a great idea! :)


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