Monday, July 25, 2011

Looking for activity suggestions...

Wow!  I just realized I am writing my 100th post!!!  I can't believe how things really just add up when you work on them little by little! 

I'm looking for some advice again from all of my awesome blog followers.  My little man has just turned 17 months old and I'm hoping to find some more activities to do with him.  You see, I think that he get bored very easily.  Many days he seems to just play for a while and then start walking around and whining.  He just loves to be outside, so we go out to play most days, but of course, some days just aren't great for playing... especially the days when it downpours from dawn until dusk.  We play with his toys inside, we read a lot of books, and we've tried coloring, but he still is pretty into trying to take bites out of his crayons or color his face and tongue with the markers.  Play doh also tastes pretty good to him.

So, does anyone have any activity suggestions for him?  This is kind of a hard age for me!  Littler kids are easier to entertain and many times are just happy being held and older kids are able to do more difficult activities like art projects, play doh, and coloring.  He's right in the middle.  I want to stimulate his brain and keep him busy and happy.  Let me know what you do with your kids at this stage!


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