Friday, July 15, 2011

A question for my readers...

Hi there everybody!

I hope you have had a wonderful Friday and that this weekend treats you well!  I've got a quick question I thought I would just put out there to see if anyone has any information to give me.  I really want to get/make my son a board book.  You see, lately he has just been enamored with looking at pictures of our family on the walls and in our photo albums.  The only problem with that is that he hasn't learned how to be gentle at all yet.  He likes to grab the pictures and I'm afraid that he'll damage them!

So that's the reason I want to make him a board book!  I'd like to have one printed with pictures of all of his family members on pages that he can't rip out.  I've looked into this a little and found very few options, all fairly spendy (at least $25 including shipping).  Does anyone know of any other options that are more affordable?  Or other ideas to accomplish my goal?  I would love some input!  Thanks!


  1. how about a softy book? you could get those papers where you can print out photos on them then sew then together to make a softy book. know what i mean? if not, email me and we can chat some more.
    have a great weekend! :)
    (OR laminate some photos and make your own book. i did that for my 1st -- poor 2 and 3... never had time since to make them one! but don't tell them or i'm in trouble!!!)

  2. You could get some strong cardboard, take the photos to a copy center and make copies...give them a few hours to make sure they are dry and modge podge them to the cardboard.

    Another option would be to just laminate them to a strong surface (like pick up a board book at a garage sale or goodwill and put your pictures over it)

    Good luck!!!

  3. That's sounds like an interesting idea. You have given me some ideas, so let me think over it and try out something. I am sure my lil girl will love to see her grand parents and aunts in her own book..:)
    Wil definitely update you if i come across something innovative.

    Btw, Thank You for stopping by my blog. I am following you!

  4. Thanks for the ideas... I'm going to have to fool around with it a little! Thanks!


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