Thursday, April 28, 2011

He's so tired he'd like to rub his eyes... if he could only reach them!

I'd like you all to imagine something.  I'm cuddling with Brennan on the couch, feeding him a bottle when he starts yawning and pushing the bottle away.  Ok, now I know he's ready for bed.

I walk him into his bedroom, whispering his bedtime prayers in his ear and gently place him down in his crib.  I tuck his plush grinch (I know- of all stuffed animals to cuddle with...) into one arm and his favorite teddy bear into the other.  He yawns and tries to rub his eyes, but with his animals in the way he can BARELY reach them!  He suddenly flops over and squeezing his animals close, yawns once more, and goes right to sleep. 

I know he's not the only baby who does this, but it sure melts my heart every time!  Sweet dreams, baby boy!

Here's my sweet boy with his teddy in the background.  This wasn't taken today.  It was taken January 2011.

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