Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One of those days...

I think I'm a pretty optimistic person, seeing the good in most situations.  Still, occasionally I have a day when I've just had it.  I get frustrated, annoyed, and downright crabby.  Brennan is having one of those days today and it is rubbing off on me a little bit.  He's in the middle of his first REAL cold right now and I can tell.  He'll be happy and playing nicely and then, like a brittle twig, he just snaps!  I'm not sure it's his musical toy playing the wrong song that sets him off, or the fact that I won't let him dive off of the couch onto his head, but whatever it is, it's ticking him off.  These are the days that I just pray for bedtime...

Then there are the days where nothing seems to go your way.  It isn't that you're being pessimistic, but everything just goes wrong- nothing goes your way.  We had one of those days on Saturday, but luckily it only lasted for the morning.  

We knew Saturday wasn't going to be a fun day- we were going to my Grandpa's funeral.  But truthfully, the day started off pretty well.  Brennan slept in a little so I had time to write a blog post without any distractions.  When Brennan woke up I fed him his breakfast and gave him a bath.  This was when I noticed that the bathtub was draining super slowly!  I tried using the plunger on it (I'm not sure if this is an accepted remedy, but I've done it before), but it only made it worse!  I needed to shower anyway, so when Ryan took Brennan to the store for our cinnamon rolls, I hopped in.  I made it a super fast shower, but the water was still over the ankles by the time I got out.  I got ready really fast and started packing up Brennan's things for the day while Ryan showered, with water over his ankles, and got dressed.  

All of a sudden I hear him from the bedroom, "Oh no.  My pants are too small!"  Apparently Ryan had gained enough weight that his dress pants no longer fit.  (Just a side note: this weight gain is a good thing for Ryan!)  The suit coat was also too small.  We decided that he could just skip wearing the coat and we'd pin the pants.  Within the first five minutes of wearing the pants, the pin popped back open three times.  This wasn't working and we were already running late!  He tried on another hand-me-down suit that his brother had given him, but it was much too large.  Finally, he relented and just wore some nice khaki pants with a dress shirt and tie.

In the meantime, I had brought almost everything out to the car except for the baby, our cinnamon rolls, and our drinks.  I told Ryan that all he needed to grab was one cinnamon roll and the waters and I would take the baby and my cinnamon roll.  I went and buckled Brennan into the car seat and waited... and waited... finally I ran back into the house to see what was going on.  My 'water', as I had earlier called it to simplify my sentence, was really milk and since Ryan had his hands full, he had put it into his jacket pocket.  The top popped open and he noticed milk seeping from his pocket and down his pants.  He had to get another jacket and wipe off his pants.  We ran back to the garage to leave... again, when all of a sudden our dog came running back from behind the garage.  Apparently in the hurry to leave the gate had been left open and Emmy had escaped.  Ryan went to put her in the house and came back a minute later because the house was locked and the keys were in the car with me.  Finally, after retrieving the keys, unlocking the door, and putting Emmy inside, we were on our way.

We were only a few minutes late, but it wasn't a big deal because the family was supposed to be at the church quite early, anyway.  Thank God the day went well after this!  It was just one of those mornings...

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