Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I've got a yarn addiction! Here's how to save a little money on the habit!

In my spare time after I've finished cleaning and cooking, and if I'm not blogging, and assuming that Brennan is asleep, I love to knit and crochet!  Well, I'm being over dramatic.  I'm able to to my fair share of knitting and crocheting to satisfy my yarn itch. 

It might surprise some people, but needle crafts can start to get expensive!  Yarn is NOT cheap!  Neither are knitting needles.  Crochet hooks are a bit more reasonable, but add up, too.  And after you've got your physical supplies, you still need a pattern (unless you are just THAT GOOD).  Well, here are 3 tips to save you some money if you like to knit and crochet as much as I do.

Tip #1:  Find a free pattern.  Did you know that there are a ton of free patterns online?  There are!  I generally use one of two sites to find my patterns- either or  Both of these sites have hundreds of free patterns and they are good ones, too! I've made a TON of items from their patterns!  All of these patterns are available for personal use and many of them can be used to make items to sell.  Don't forget to read the pattern for copyright details.  If you don't find what you are looking for (I would be surprised!) you can check out where some people sell their own original patterns.

Tip #2:  Buy bulk size yarn or order it online.  If you haven't noticed, the yarn that is sold in the huge 1 lb skeins is a lot less expensive than the small skeins.  It is good for the majority of projects and unless you need a specialty yarn, you should give it a try.  Another good source for yarn is an online retail called Smiley's Yarns and can be found here:  Smiley's requires a minimum order of $50, but if you need a lot of yarn at once, this site is a great resource.  As far as needles and crochet hooks go, you can find great deals on sets or individual pieces on

Tip #3:  Don't forget your local thrift store!  I've gotten several sets of knitting needles, crochet needles and some yarn from our local Salvation Army.  It only takes a minute to check into this, and it can save you a lot of money!

Now, because you are lucky, I'm going to give you a bonus money making tip!

Money Making Tip #1:  Sell the things you make!  Earlier I mentioned  On etsy, not only can you buy handmade items, but you can sell them, too.  The fees involved are extremely affordable, and etsy gives you a means to reach a large number of people who are looking for what you have to sell.  I have an etsy store where I sell items that I've made.  Please feel free to check it out!

I hope you enjoy these tips!  Now get knitting!
A sweater, scarf, and hat set I made for one of girls I used to babysit for.

Baby's first knitted set!  My little froggy boy.

A cool Nintendo DS sheep case for my nephew, Wiley.

A cute knitted baby elephant for my baby.


  1. How adorable! Love the elephant :)

  2. Thanks! He was a little trickier and a lot more time consuming than he looks, so I'm extra proud of him! Thanks for stopping by and following me!

  3. Thanks for following me! Good luck with the blog...I just started blogging a few months I really don't have many tips...just keep with it :)if you have any specific questions, please feel free to email
    I love to talk! haha
    Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for following back! I'll let you know if I think of any specific questions! Have a great Easter!

  5. oooh, that froggy hat is too cute! love it:)

  6. Thanks a lot! I thought it would definitely be neutral enough for a girl or boy. The hat was pretty simple, the froggy feet... not so much! I'll definitely check out your blog and I'd love you to follow mine! Have a good day!


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