Saturday, April 23, 2011

Celebrating the Little Firsts!

I know this is my third post concerning Easter in as many days, but for some reason this year I'm just extra excited.  This year isn't Brennan's first Easter, but it is his first Easter that he'll actually appreciate (I hope)!  Last year he was just a tiny little baby at Easter time.  This picture is from last Easter when Brennan was only about 8 weeks old!  He and Daddy had matching suits!

Although I miss those days when he was just a tiny little thing, I'm enjoying all of the new adventures we get to have together!  I bought Brennan his very own Easter basket about a month ago and have been patiently waiting for Easter Eve to come so I can hide it for him!  I'm sure the extent of my hiding will be setting it on his rocking chair in the living room for him to find, but nonetheless, I'm super excited.  He's still kind of young for candy, so we bought some little toys to fill it with.  The basket's crowning glory is definitely the kiddo cell phone I bought for him today.  You see, lately Brennan has been super interested in cell phones.  If you tell him to say hello, he'll put his hand on his ear like he's on a cell phone.  We gave him an old cell phone we had, but since it doesn't DO anything, he's not really a fan.  Now he'll have his own phone that actually does something!  And it is the coolest one they had at the store, if I do say so myself!  Check it out- Baby Genius Swivel N' Sounds Phone.  I'll have to let you know what he thinks of it!

Tomorrow Brennan will also get to participate in his first Easter egg hunt!  This will probably consist of picking up obviously placed plastic eggs off the grass, but I'm sure it will make for adorable pictures!  Hopefully the nice Easter goose egg he got on his forehead today won't show too badly!  Now hopefully he won't try taking on his Great-Grandma's door frame again!  Kids always seem to do that- get injuries on their faces just before a holiday or other big photo day.

Anyway, you can all expect more Easter pictures within the next couple days!  I wish you all a lovely holiday tomorrow!  Remember to celebrate the real reason for the holiday- our risen Savior!

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