Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A busy, baby day!

I'm doing something I haven't done since before Brennan was born- babysit!  I'm watching 2 extra girls today in addition to my own little guy.  So currently, I've got a 2 year old, a 14 month old (mine), and a 10 month old! 

The day has gone rather well, so far.  Brennan was fairly shocked to wake up to two strange little girls in his house!  Well, they aren't strange- I guess I should say unfamiliar...  But within a minute or two, they were already starting to play like crazy!  I think they are all having a good time.  This makes me wonder, though, how do people with several kids close in age keep their sanity?  Don't get me wrong- they are all behaving pretty well, but it just doesn't stop!  As soon as one is done eating a snack in the high chair, I need to wipe 'em down, pull 'em out, and slip the next one in!  The 2 year old is in potty training stage, so every half hour she yells, "I needa go potty!"  So I tear myself away from whichever child I'm playing with/taking care of to run her to the bathroom.  The two little ones still need bottles and two naps per day, which my little man doesn't always go down easily for.  So between all these things, preparing meals, settling 'sharing squabbles', changing two babies' diapers, filling up the sippy cups, and letting my ever-needy dog in and out, there is just not much time left!

Of course, we've had some very cute moments along with the craziness.  The littlest one was down for a nap.  The oldest was playing with one of the 'Shaka Shaka' eggs that come in the B. Parum Pum Pum Drum.  Brennan came up and held his hand out like he wanted to see it.  She immediately walked over to the drum, grabbed the other egg and gave it to him.  They spent the next 5-10 minutes looking at each other, laughing, and shaking the 'Shaka Shaka' eggs!  That was pretty cute!

Earlier in the day, the littlest was in the Graco doorway jumper and the older two were 'helping' her jump.  They were all just giggling like crazy and having a grand time! 

Right now, the little two are sleeping... yay!  The oldest is awake and playing nicely on the floor while I type this up.  She 'tried' to take a nap but I think it was mainly a little rest.  I could hear a bit of talking to herself the whole time.

Although this is going well for the most part, this makes me happy I only have one baby so far!  I'll just keep enjoying being a mom of ONE for the time being!

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  1. When I get in that situation, I have to remind myself "a time and a season" and this is not the time or season to do any dishes, clean any rooms, do any laundry, etc., etc. The mess will eventually be put away, (probably at midnight after they all fall asleep and I will wish I am there, too!) In the meantime, good for you for findng the joy that is there and overlooking the frustration that is also there.


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