Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Coolest Puppets Ever!

Brennan on his first birthday!
My little man, Brennan, just turned one year old about a month ago.  We had a fabulous, owl-themed first birthday party for him.  It was a fun and memorable day filled with family and friends, cake, and of course, presents!  He got a lot of really cool gifts and has been having a ball with them!  I wanted to share one of the gifts that he got with you all.  He received a set of four plush Reptile Glove Puppets made by Caltoy.  These puppets are the most realistic looking little reptiles!  The eyes are especially cool, with a life-like sparkle.  These are great for kids of all ages and I think these picture prove it!
Mom and B playing with an iguana.

Caltoy also makes other puppets other than reptiles.  I've seen farm animals, jungle animals, aquatic animals, insects, unicorns, and more!  I think that these are a good buy since they are fun for toddlers (under adult supervision because of the eyes), but grow with the children.  Imagine how much fun grade school kids would have putting on a puppet show with these puppets!

So Moms- if you are sick of playing with the same toys everyday and your are looking for something new, fun, and educational, go pick up some glove puppets!  You'll like them as much as your kiddo!
My sister, Haley, her boyfriend, Joe (left), and my hubby, Ryan playing with the reptile puppets!

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