Friday, April 15, 2011

Ozzy the Octopus

Hi again,
I've got another fun product to recommend.  This one is a bathtub spout cover called Ozzie the Octopus.  Ozzie is a really fun and useful addition to any bathtub.  Not only does Ozzie keep your little one's head from bumping the spout, but it provides a lot of fun and entertainment, too!  Ozzie's mouth has a little slit where you can insert a small tablet that comes along in the package.  This makes colored water for your baby's bath and makes it extra fun and exciting.  You can even mix two tablets to create your own colors.  When you turn on the water, it comes out of Ozzie through the ends of four of his legs and looks really neat.  It's a great, functional spout cover that is slightly more flexible and softer than some of the extremely hard plastic ones that are sold and it is much cuter, as well!  If you need a spout cover, I highly recommend that you give Ozzie a try!

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