Friday, April 22, 2011

My little boy with an Easter suprise!

As a little girl, I grew up out in the country.  We didn't live on a farm- if anything, it was more like a hobby farm.  We had dogs and cats, a bunny, a lizard, a gerbil, and borrowed sheep in the summers, but not all at the same time!  It was a great way to be raised and I'm excited for Brennan to get to spend time in the country as a little guy, too!  

My parents' desire to make their place into a little hobby farm must be growing each year, though, because last summer they got their first chickens!  They have five hens for eggs, and one rooster, to crow.  Now this spring, they got a brand new batch of baby chicks to raise- 26 of them!  We took the opportunity to introduce Brennan to the fantastic world of baby animals and got these cute pictures!

Brennan being careful with the chicky!
This reminds me of a line from one of our books, "Chicks are fuzzy yellow balls... peep! peep!"


  1. I saw that this was one of the blogs that "Ah, the possibilities!" blogspot loved and was intrigued by a "five foot mama."

    I enjoyed reading your posts. My 6 kids, husband, and I live on a little ranchette and have a number of chicken eggs-periences. They are posted on my Down on the Farm posts that I write on Tuesdays. This Tuesday, I will be sharing photos of our new colt, born yesterday. You may enjoy it.

    Thanks for sharing an enjoyable read and darling pictures.

  2. Awww surprise!! :) Hehe so adorable! Thanks for sharing this cute photos.

  3. Melanie- Thanks for stopping by and following me! I'll be heading over to check out your blog. Your posts sound very cute and I can't wait to check them out!

    Katie- Thanks! We think he's pretty cute, too! Maybe as a first time Mama, I'm just extra proud!


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