Thursday, April 14, 2011

Does the 5 Second Rule Have Limitations?

A lot of times I just don't get babies.  Sometimes it seems like they cry for no reason, laugh for no reason, or throw a fit for no reason.  They do things that most of us would avoid, such as banging their heads repeatedly or sucking on a lemon again and again (try it with your baby... you'll be surprised that they seem to like it!).  My baby does something else that drives me crazy, too, and I'm sure he's not the only one.  He throws his food on the floor.  It's not like he accidentally drops it- it's intentional.  Sometimes he even fastball pitches it across the room!  This might make sense to me if he was full and he was getting rid of it to show me that he was done, but that's not the case.  The minute I take him out of the high chair, he begins crawling around, scouring the floor for the earlier rejected (or should I say ejected) food that our dog hasn't already devoured.  Does the floor add some delicious flavor that I'm not aware of?  I doubt it.  
Well, the funniest thing happened the other day.  The crackers were flying every which way.  I pulled Brennan out of the high chair just as I normally would, and he began his thorough search of the floor.  After finishing he started playing with some of his toys.  A few minutes later the dog walked past.  She looked confident that the floor was clean and that she wasn't missing any precious morsels.  It was right then that I noticed one cracker that she had missed... on her back!  She'd been walking around for probably five minutes and the cracker just sat there.  I went to grab the camera because this was just too funny a moment to not capture.  I thought for sure that I'd miss it, but for once I moved fast enough!
But the moment wasn't over just yet.  If you haven't already noticed, there are baby feet at the top of the picture.  Brennan tends to be pretty photogenic, so as soon as he saw the camera come out, he had to head my direction to do some "hamming it up".  That's when Brennan noticed the cracker...
Naturally, he figured he would just help himself to it.  Emmy is oblivious at this point, but...
 Can't you just see Emmy saying, "Hey... where did you get that?  Can I have half???"  So this leads me to wonder, does the 5 second rule apply to food on a dog's back?  I hope so.

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