Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Big Dog!

I can't believe our dog, Emmy turned four years old yesterday!  Time really does fly when you're having fun!

Emmy was the first 'baby' in our family.  I've had dogs growing up, but Emmy is Ryan's first dog.  He always wanted a dog, so when the time finally came that we were ready for the commitment, we were so excited!  I found Emmy on Craigslist.  She was from a litter of accidents.  Her daddy, a black lab, got loose and paid a visit to her mommy, the Shar Pei down the street.  Let me tell you- this makes for quite a combination!
At the time we lived in Eau Claire, WI and Emmy was in Marshall, MN... a long ways from where we were.  I had been spending hours online looking for the 'right' dog for us.  When I saw the picture of Emmy, I knew I had to have her!  I showed Ryan and he agreed that she was really, really cute, but thought I was crazy for even considering driving to Marshall to pick her up!  Finally I decided to let it go and keep looking at dogs.  A week or so later Emmy and the rest of the remaining pups were relisted on Craigslist.  I told Ryan about it and begged and pleaded until he finally gave in- we could go get Emmy!  The lady who had the pups was kind enough to meet us part way and saved us about an hour of driving.

We couldn't believe how tiny she was when we first got her!  We needed to go back to the pet store to get a cat collar for her because even the smallest dog collar was to big!  I had also forgotten how much of a hassle puppies are.  They are ridiculously sweet and make up for being a pain in the butt, but that is what they are!  :)  

Anyway, 4 years later and here we are.  Emmy isn't so tiny anymore, in fact, my sister just suggested seeing if they make dog saddles!  Well, maybe she's not THAT big!  She is still a puppy at heart and we love all 75 pounds of her.  Happy birthday, Emmy Dog!

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