Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Special First Birthday!

A year ago today with B and Claire
We're taking a break from the bathroom construction today, so I thought I would put this birthday post up for our niece!

Today our niece, Claire, turns one!  Her first year of life has gone really fast and she is maturing into a beautiful, sweet little lady!

On Sunday we celebrated Claire's first birthday up in the Twin Cities, just a few days early.  It was a pretty typical birthday party- a nice afternoon celebrating the birthday girl with friends and family.

Claire's big brother, Evan, made this sign to welcome all of her guests to the party.  

We started with a bit of socializing...


Next, we moved onto the cake!  Claire was a reluctant cake grabber and preferred the cake when her Mommy tore it up into bite sized pieces for her.  The first pictured cake is the main birthday cake while the second one was a mini smash cake for Claire (even though it wasn't smashed!). 

Now that the cake was eaten and the babies were cleaned up, it was time for presents!  Claire got lots of awesome presents... she's going to be having a lot of fun!  I think my favorite is the tool belt.  Now she can be little Miss Fix-it!


While all this was going on, Brennan was having a fabulous time playing with the new toys he found and Grandma and Grandpa...

Here's one more shot of Claire.  I made this teddy bear for her when she was born.

Happy 1st birthday, Claire!  We hope you have a wonderfully fun day! 


  1. very sweet... oh, to be one again! :) love that B is pushing a pink stroller! i encourage my boys to do the same.. the ones they push are pink because of big sis' handy me downs! lol

  2. This is great, Colleen! Thanks for sharing. Happy first birthday, sweet Claire. I cannot wait to meet these fabulous babies in July.

  3. It's good for boys to learn all of that stuff, too! He had no baby, but I suppose it was good practice. I'd like to find him a toy like this for our house.

    Linda- They can't wait to meet you either!


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