Friday, June 24, 2011

Amazing Diaper Rash Cream!

I don't know if this will benefit any of my readers at this very moment, but hopefully it will help in the future (although I'd rather not have any babies have diaper rashes ever!)!

Last week, my son got a diaper rash.  He gets them from time to time, even with his cloth diapers, mostly because I don't realize right away that that he needs to be changed.  Usually all I have to do to clear them up is treat the rash with a little lanolin for a day or two.  I'm sure this isn't great for the cloth diapers, but I only use a thin layer and don't seem to have a problem with them repelling.  If it is an especially bad rash, I put him in disposables for a day or two and coat the rash with a nice, thick coat of creamy Desitin.  That stuff really works miracles.

Unfortunately, this rash wouldn't clear up with my normal tactics.  I began to notice tiny, pin point, red spots in and around the rash that began to spread a little.  We did a little Google searching and figured out that it was a yeast infection.  Poor boy!  We went to the doctor the next morning and had it confirmed.  We were told to use a prescription cream, Nystatin, on the rash until it cleared up.

After a full day of using it the rash didn't look any better.  It actually looked a lot worse!  According to other Moms on Google, it is pretty common that the Nystatin doesn't work well... alone, that is.  I followed a recipe that one Mom was given from her local pharmacy and gave that a try.  Within hours the rash was clearing up!  It was totally gone within a couple of days and Brennan was 'enjoying' diaper changes again!  Thank goodness!

Here's the recipe: (of course, you should probably consult your doctor about this...)

Combine equal parts of an anti-fungal cream (Nystatin or another similar), Desitin, and Hydrocortisone cream and mix well.  Use at each diaper change.

Note to cloth diaper mamas.... Either use disposable or a liner in your cloth diapers when using this cream to avoid having to strip your diapers later!

I'm also wondering- would a combination of Desitin and Hydrocortisone cream work as well on a regular diaper rash instead of combining the anti-fungal for a yeast infection?  Has anyone tried this?  I'll let you know after the next diaper rash....

Good luck!

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  1. Thank you for this! It confirmed the kind of rash cream I was looking for. I used it once on my son when he was younger but couldn't remember what was in it. Going to go make some for my little girl today. Hope you have a good day! And thanks again!


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