Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My niece and nephew are back in Minnesota!

My niece and nephew, Autumn and Wiley, have been living with their mom (my sister, Kris) in Texas for the past few years.  We miss seeing them as much as we used to, but this makes us look forward to their visits over summer break even more!

Their plane landed back in Minnesota last night.  I can't wait to see them later today!  I'm sure they'll have a great time playing with Brennan.  And I definitely intend to whoop some butt at croquet and cornhole (bean bags)!

Can't wait to see you guys!!!  Here are some pictures from our trip to the Como Zoo last summer.

Autumn and Wiley- Summer 2010

The cousins on Mom's side... Wiley, Autumn, & Brennan

Left to Right- Haley (sister), Me, Brennan, Sue (Mom), Autumn, Wiley

My Dad picking a bronze statue's nose with Autumn and Wiley.


  1. Sounds like you will be busy for awhile. My sister is in GA. I saw her 2 years ago! It sucks being so far apart from her. Her life is so busy she never comes to CA to see us. And we never have enough money to fly out to see her as often as we like. A family of five airline ticket runs about $2k if the tix are on sale! We hope to see her this Christmas. My children miss their cousins.
    Have fun with your niece and nephew. Did your sis come too?

  2. It does suck to have family so far away! My sister didn't come- the kids are up here to stay with their Dad for the summer. I actually have two sisters in TX. The other sister, the oldest, will be up here to visit over the Fourth of July. Yay! I hope to get to Texas relatively soon to see all the family down there.

  3. cool I'm glad you will have some time with them while they are visiting their dad. have fun!!!


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