Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day

I know that Father's Day was over a week ago, but I thought it would still be fun to share a little bit of what we did.  Most of Father's Day was pretty low-key, but there were definitely a few highlights.

In the afternoon, we took Brennan to a park nearby our house that is right next to the marina.  We had intended to feed the ducks, but for once, there were no ducks there!  Oh well.  We decided to do some good playing while we were there.  It was Brennan's first time really playing at a park!  He loved it!  This is a picture of Brennan's 1st ever  (I think...) slide ride!  He's got a big smile on his little face!  Daddy went along for the ride.

Next it was Mama's turn.  We went on the big curly slide together.  He would smile and squeal for more!  And, I'm not sure if you can tell, but I helped to celebrate Father's Day by wearing the shirt that I wear every year on Father's Day, albeit somewhat tight.  It says "I ❤ DAD"!  I think it's pretty classic and have been wearing it ever since I found it in the Old Navy kids' section during high school!

Pretty soon, Brennan was ready to move onto the swings.  He has his own swing at home, so we already knew that he would enjoy swinging.  Daddy and Brennan did it together.  You can't tell that Brennan is his Father's son, can you? 

Brennan kept trying to climb up onto the playground equipment and didn't really love that I kept telling him that he was too little.  He wasn't interested in the stairs and he really isn't old enough for the ladders yet!  So, we distracted him with a little ride on Dad's shoulders.  Although the ride was fun, trying to steal Dad's glasses was even MORE fun!

Ryan's phone rang and we found out that we were invited out that evening for a boat ride with one of Ryan's new friends from his EMT class and her husband!  We had to quickly go home, grab some extra clothes and snacks for the ride, and then come back down to the marina.  Of course, we couldn't leave without one last look at all of the pretty sailboats...

Pretty soon, we were on the boat and motoring out onto the lake.  Brennan has been on boat rides before, but not since last summer as a 5 month old, so this was kind of a first for him.  Here's what he thought:

Within seconds he had hopped off of my lap and was standing at the back of the boat watching EVERYTHING!  There were birds, the wake, other boats, and the shore that kept getting further and further away.  He was intrigued by it all.  After a few minutes of just taking in his surroundings, it was time to explore the boat!  He had to see what to get into!  Luckily, this was a very child friendly boat and anything that he found was ok to play with! 

Brennan wasn't really a huge fan of the life jacket, but I can't blame him!  They sit so tight up against a baby's neck and chin!  Plus, they're hot, bulky, tight all over, and feature this lovely thong strap that any kid is bound to enjoy!

After checking everything out, Brennan already apparently felt very confident in his boating abilities.  He decided to take a quick lesson boat driving and then take it for a spin!  He really was a great driver!

As the evening came to a close, the sun began to set, and Brennan's mood began to deteriorate, we headed back to the marina.  We put the flag out to fly and enjoy and Brennan took a minute to watch it wave in the breeze... soon enough I'll be able to explain to him exactly what that flag stands for.

It was a beautiful evening and a wonderful day.  Sometimes it is just so nice to spend a laid back day together as a family.  I hope Ryan enjoyed Father's Day as much as Brennan and I did.  Happy 2nd Father's Day, Ryan!


  1. This is a pretty awesome father's day! Most of the times the simple things shared and enjoyed with our loved ones are the coolest thing on earth! :)

    Brennan is adorable!

    Spanish Pinay


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