Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another First Birthday!.... 3 Months Later.

After writing our niece, Claire's, first birthday post I realized that I wasn't a blogger when my son turned one!  So, I think that calls for a short trip to the past to share the celebration of Brennan's first birthday with you all!

The day Brennan was born was a very rough one for me.  You can tell from the picture!  However, celebrating the day of his birth one year later was so fun!  It made me appreciate the fact that it had already been a WHOLE year since Brennan made his dramatic arrival and I was so proud of how much he (and we) had accomplished in that time!  If you haven't read about Brennan's arrival, you may want to.... Brennan's Crazy Birth Story.

We started Brennan's birthday party on a Saturday morning, 2 days after he 'officially' turned one.  The picture on the left shows how we celebrated his actual birthday- with Dairy Queen!  He loves cookie dough ice cream!  Anyway... Brennan's birthday party began with a little socializing around the chocolate fountain we borrowed from our neighbor!  It was absolutely scrumptious!  We had strawberries, bananas, pineapple, pretzels, and a couple kinds of crackers.  

I'm sure you noticed the blue and brown decorations in the picture already.  We thought that blue and brown would be perfect for an owl themed first birthday party!   We had balloons, crepe paper, blue tablecloths, and blue and brown plates.  I found this adorable owl yard decoration that we used for the party.  It now adorns my little garden in the front yard.

I also made Brennan a birthday candle that we'll burn every year until he's 16.  I made this using a purchased pillar candle and a homemade printed decal made with Waterslide Decal Paper.  It was easy and turned out beautifully! 

After everyone had arrived and had a little chocolate, we moved onto presents!  Brennan had a really good time opening gifts, at least for a few minutes... then Mama had a really good time opening gifts! Brennan got some awesome stuff!  He must really be loved for everyone to spoil him so much!

Here is Brennan with all of his lovely gifts.  You can't see them all in this picture, but it gives you an idea.  Lucky for us, my parents made Brennan the white toy box he's sitting on.  Otherwise we wouldn't know where to go with all these new toys!  Do you see the owl hat he's wearing??  I crocheted that for him!  I also made pink ones for our niece, Claire, and another little lady, as well.

Now that the gifts were all unwrapped and every last sheet of tissue paper torn to shreds by the two babies, it was time for cake!  My mom made Brennan's owl cake under the close supervision  of the project foreman AKA- Me.  Brennan is such a hands on kid, I was sure he would just pile onto his cake in excitement!  I couldn't have been more wrong!  It turns out that B is a very delicate frosting taster.  He took no handfuls of cake, but rather tasted the frosting bit by bit on his little finger!

Needless to say, he's a fan of cake!  Here's the proof... here's what happened when it was time to be all done with the cake!

As the party drew to a close, we made sure that we took a picture of  Brennan with each guest for his baby book and the picture thank yous I made.  We also had all of the guests write a message to Brennan in a book that I have for him and sign the 1st birthday page of his baby book.  After all, we needed to document this big day in Brennan's life!  Everybody left our house after a wonderful day, full of cake.  Brennan had a great time, but was ready to relax for a while.  Here's what he looked like about five minutes after the last guest left.

What a wonderful end to a fantastic party.  Brennan- I hope you love looking at these pictures someday!  We love you, little man!  We're so happy to have been blessed with a full year of you!

Love, Mama

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