Monday, June 13, 2011

EMT Practice!

As most of you know, my husband has been taking EMT classes for the last few months.  Well, this week is the big one!  He takes his skills test on Thursday!  He wanted a bit more practice (even though I think he DEFINITELY has it all down) so on Saturday we went to the ambulance garage to go through some skills. 

First, we pulled out the practice dummy.  He's really cool!  You can actually hook him up so that he can breathe, have a pulse, and do all sorts of other cool things. Daddy thought he'd show Brennan how to do some CPR!

They saved him!!!  I thought he was a goner!  They look pretty proud of themselves, huh? 

Next, I became the patient.  Ryan practiced backboarding on me.  As you can see, it went really well!  I'm quite the cooperative patient unlike some of them!

After I got up, Brennan went and flopped down on the backboard.  Apparently if Mama does it, it's really cool and he has to try it, too!

Brennan got REALLY cranky shortly after we got there, so I ended up taking him home to let Ryan practice in peace.  I was looking forward to being splinted, etc. but I know he was able to find another willing patient.

Only three days until his test!  Wish him luck!


  1. omg -- i would have freaked out in that backboarding contraption! could you breathe? your mouth was all covered up! good luck ryan! keep us posted colleen.

  2. Haha... it wasn't so bad, except it's so hard it doesn't feel very good on your back! I could breathe, no problem. It was pretty fun, actually.


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