Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Super Productive Day!

Oh my goodness, were we busy today!  It was a good busy, though.  We started off the day, bright and early, by going to a garage sale at 8:00 that advertised boy's clothes Brennan's size.  We got a few things- a shirt, a pair of cute dog pj's, and a bag of socks.  Then we hit a couple more sales just for fun before grabbing a Subway breakfast sandwich and heading home. 

After eating, I was back to working in the bathroom while Ryan played with Brennan.  Last night I put up the wainscoting that needed to be replaced and primed it, so this morning it was time to start the top coats.  After putting a coat of paint on it, I took a break to put Brennan down for his morning nap.  Luckily for us, he decided to cooperate and slept for two hours.  It was great to have the free time to get some stuff done!

While I was putting Brennan down, Ryan was emptying our dresser drawers and bringing them to the garage so that we could begin painting them.  First we stripped them, then throughout the day followed up with a coat of primer and two coats of black paint.  Yes... We may be crazy, but we're trying to finish the little bit of decorating we have left to do in our bedroom while overhauling the bathroom.  While the first coat of paint dried, I was back in the bathroom.  This time, taping and mudding our sheetrock and the open space around the shower surround.  That took a while, but it is really starting to look good.

As soon as I finished, we quickly ate some leftover pizza for lunch, and jumped in the car to go to the ambulance garage.  My husband wanted just a little more practice before taking his skills test on Thursday.  He is studying to be a volunteer EMT :).  I was his patient, at least for a while (post coming tomorrow... probably) until Brennan got too fussy and I took him home.  It was definitely time for nap number two.  I got him down and when Ryan got home I was back in the bathroom (where else?) putting a second coat of paint on the wainscot.  Since the mud was not ready to be sanded yet, we decided to just take Brennan outside to play for a while.  While we were out there, Ryan cut down a shrubby tree that we needed to get rid of and also shortened a little eye sore of a stump that we also need gone.  I went on dog poo duty with my pooper scooper that I got for Mother's Day while Brennan ran and played. 

Finally, we decided that we should eat some supper.  We fed Brennan and ourselves, and then went on a quick walk to Dairy Queen for dessert.  Yum.  Now Brennan is asleep and we're going to watch some tv before we follow his lead and go to sleep, too!  I hope you all had as good of a day as I had!  Goodnight!

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  1. what?! did i read that right? a pooper scooper for mother's day?! your husband and my husband must be related -- mine gave me a hot dog roaster for our anniversary one year. a hot dog roaster!!! anyway... sounds like you had a very productive day - good for you!!!! brennan was quite the trooper too - probably knew you needed to get all that stuff done. :) what a good little guy!


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