Monday, October 1, 2012

An Awesome Weekend!

This weekend was the nicest weekend we had in a looong time!  You would think that we did something extra special or out of the ordinary, but nothing was actually that unusual!  Ryan did take off of work just for the heck of it, which made it a 3-day weekend.

Friday started off with me making a yummy pancake breakfast and us going to a behavioral therapy session (we've been going to these for Brennan and they seem to be really helping his behavior).  We also dropped Ryan's car off at the shop to be fixed.  It was in desperate need of an alignment and we suspected that it had a coolant leak.  We were right, but luckily the fix was easy and cheap.  Quite often we try to do repairs ourselves, but we took the easy way out this time since it needed the alignment, anyway.

Before heading back to my parents house, where I and the kids were going to spend the day, Ryan and I went to pick out pumpkins.  My mom and dad told me about this little farm that had pumpkins sitting out for sale on the honor system.  They had some huge beauties for only $3.  The medium sized ones were $2!  What a great deal!

We got back to Mom and Dad's, dropped me off, and went back to Lake City where his friend was meeting him so they could go golfing.  We both had great days!  The day ended with a fish fry/deck fire that at Mom and Dad's.  Ryan was going to be coming, but golf took longer than expected, so the trip back wasn't really worthwhile.  I just stayed with the kids, instead.  It did become all the more obvious how much of a Mommy's girl Bryleigh is!  I had to hold her almost all evening!  She would scream within 30 seconds of being handed off!

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On Saturday, we met with Ryan's sister, Rachel, and her family to take some photos of the kids and her family.  It was a great time!  We only went to one spot in Red Wing (Memorial Bluff) and got a lot of awesome shots (a big picture post will be coming)!  The kids behavior was nothing short of amazing!!!  They were all perfect angels, which is uncommon with our bunch! :)  Since it went so well, we wrapped up early, grabbed Taco John's for lunch, and headed to a park to eat it and let the kids play.  We spent the rest of the day just hanging out at home (and I edited pictures, of course!).  Brennan also helped me bake chocolate chip cookies... with extra chocolate chips!

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Yesterday was Ryan's Sunday to go to church, so he did.  We might be getting close to being able to go as a family again...  Bryleigh took an awesome nap and woke up as Brennan was getting ready for his.  This allowed me to take some more pictures of her!  Studio shots this time.  I got some very cute ones of her in the tutu I just made for her (tutorial coming!), with some borrowed pearls from Auntie Rachel!  She was officially 6 months old yesterday!  I can't believe it.  By the way, she has her first tooth now!

After everyone was up from their naps, we got ready to head to the park.  Ryan was on back-up for the ambulance as they main crew was gone on a transfer.  Right as we were getting ready to head out the door, his pager went off, reporting a 3 car crash.  Yikes!  He went on the call and I took the kids to the park myself.  We had a good time.  Brennan did a lot of playing, Bryleigh did some swinging, and I was enjoying talking to a nice lady (who filled in as Bryleigh's pusher while I was changing Brennan's HUGE blowout diaper he saved for the park.  I'm sure the patrons on the deck of the fancy restaurant next to the park enjoyed watching the diaper change... haha!).  We even shared our bread that we brought for the ducks with some other kids.

We headed home, gave Brennan a bath, and then a much-needed haircut.  Ryan got home, grabbed Brennan and they went to Subway to pick up a fast supper since it was already late.  It was good and Brennan ate like a champ.  We enjoyed some fall premieres to end our evening.

We had such a nice weekend!  It was awesome to have the time to spend together as a family, having fun.  Honestly, I think just HOW nice it was must be attributed to Brennan!  He was on his best behavior all weekend.... just SO good!  It sure makes me happy that he is beginning to be better and better!  I think the therapy is really helping and Brennan is also beginning to grow out of it a bit.  He is such a joy to be around when he's being awesome!

I hope all of your weekends were as nice as mine!

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