Friday, October 19, 2012

Bulb Syringe vs. Turkey Baster- Explanation, please?

OK.  I need an explanation.

Someone explain to my why Brennan would think it is SO horrible when I use a bulb syringe on him to get rid of the boogies when he is sick, but why it is perfectly fine for him to use a TURKEY BASTER on himself?

Seriously!  Having 


up your nose is worse than


Brennan has his own turkey baster to play with in his little toy kitchen or in the bathtub.  Today, however, he was holding it while we were hanging out on the couch.  I was crafting so I didn't notice what he was doing with it.    All of a sudden he excitedly tells me, "Mom!  I got my boogers out with this pump!"  Wow...  Maybe next time I'LL try the turkey baster on him and see what he thinks then!

Picture credits: Turkey baster-, Bulb syringe-

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