Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bryleigh's Latest Achievements!

Lately I've been telling you about all of the cute things Brennan has been saying and doing.  He is developing such a funny personality!

Well, I thought I should brag up my baby girl a little!  Bryleigh is ALREADY almost 7 months.  She'll officially be 7 months on Halloween.   Better start planning that first birthday party! :)  

She has become extremely mobile, crawling around the house quickly and getting wherever she wants to go.  Within the last couple of weeks she has begun to pull up on the furniture already!  I cannot believe that she'd doing this!  She is on the small side for her age, so it looks ridiculous to see such a tiny little body accomplishing such impressive things.

Bryleigh's 2nd tooth just popped through a few days ago.  What perfect timing!  She's starting to look like a little Jack-o-lantern just in time for Halloween.  One thing that I love about her is that when you hand her a teether or something to chew on, she doesn't drop it.  She's got a death grip on that thing, so I have very little worry of losing anything in a store, etc.

She seems to be laying the groundwork for waving.  I can't say that we've seen a full fledged wave yet, but we have seen little hand movements that resemble waves, for sure.  Along with that social part of her personality comes talking.  She's been babbling up a storm for the last few days!  She makes lots of different sounds, each cuter than the next.  And the fact that her brother has to copy her every noise is pretty adorable, too.  I can only imagine in a couple of years how many times I will hear, "Mooooommm!  Brennan is copying me!"  Bryleigh hasn't said a definitive "Mama" or "Dada" yet, but when she cries she has started the "Mamamamamamama" stuff...  I'll just say that she knows what she wants.

Her extreme distaste for anyone but me is improving.  For a few weeks, anytime I would set her down or pass her off to anyone else, she would SCREAM HER HEAD OFF!  Now, she finally is beginning to get more comfortable with other people again.  She really enjoys spending a bit of time on the floor to play and explore.  She is already getting into stuff!  This morning I found her trapped underneath the kitchen table and she already enjoys pulling books off of the bookshelf (and onto herself).  I've noticed one big difference between her and Brennan- a stern look or a firm 'no' seems to get to her, whereas Brennan has never cared.  One of the first signs that her personality might be modeled after me.  I guess Ryan was just like Brennan as a kid, so maybe we'll each have a mini-me.

Bry is beginning to enjoy some solid food.  She likes bananas and carrots and isn't the biggest fan of cereals yet.  Next on the agenda- peas!

Watching Bryleigh and Brennan interact makes me so happy.  She lights up when he comes around and he is the same way.  He tells her many times a day that she is such a nice girl and is so so cute.  He showers her with affection... or maybe I should say that he typhoons her with affection since it is quite often a little wilder and rougher than we would prefer. 

We are so blessed to have such amazing kids.  I love watching them grow and wonder each day with life has in store for them...  Many wonderful, amazing experiences, I hope!

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  1. I'm in LOVE with that last picture! They are so sweet:)Brennan appears to be such a helpful guy. What a gentleman holding and pointing her cheek in the direction of all the action, haha!


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