Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Premiere of Toddler Talk Tuesday!

Lately, I've been thinking to myself that I wish I could remember all of the cute and hilarious things that Brennan says.  It seems that memories fade quickly and things that you think you'll never be able to forget fade and fade until eventually the memories are gone completely.

That's how my new post series, Toddler Talk Tuesday was born!  I know I'll never be able to record all of my kids' fantastic comments, but I hope that this way many of them won't be forgotten!  So to kick off Toddler Talk Tuesday, here are "Jesus and the Juice" and "Naptime".

Jesus and the Juice

It is lunch time.

Me: Brennan, what would you like to drink with lunch?
Brennan: Juice and water.
Me: Sounds good.

I go to the refrigerator and find that we are out of juice.

Me: Oh Brennan, I forgot!  We are out of juice.  You'll have to just have water until we get more.
Brennan: OK.  Just have water.

I sit down at the table and we say our prayers- the common table prayer.  After finishing, I begin to talk to Brennan about what our prayer means.

Me: You know- Jesus is so good to us.  That's why we say our prayers; to thank him.  When we say, "Let these gifts to us be blessed", we are talking about our food.  These (pointing to our meals) our our gifts.  It's important that we thank Jesus for our gifts.
Brennan: Yeah, but Jesus didn't have any juice.
Me: (Trying not to laugh...)  No, he didn't this time.
Brennan:  But... Jesus does have juice at the grocery store!


After a mini-breakdown at the post office, I am putting the kids back into their stroller to head home.  Brennan is whining and carrying on.

Me:  Enough whining.  We're heading home.
Me: Really?  Who would that be?
Brennan: BRENNAN!  I wanna cuddle with Mickey in my little bed and go night night!

So glad that my 2 year old actually asks for his naps now!  That's a change from 6 months ago!

I hope you enjoyed the first Toddler Talk Tuesday!  Hoping to continue this every week!

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