Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Late Toddler Talk Tuesday- The Tape

The Tape- 

This story is short but sweet!  Last night at a few minutes after 7:00, I realized that I hadn't set the Tivo to record Dancing With the Stars...

Me: Brennan, I'll turn your show back on in a minute.  I have to tape something.

Brennan runs into the kitchen and starts rifling through a drawer, mostly unnoticed.

Brennan: I got it, Mama!

Me: What do you  have?

Brennan: The tape!  I got the tape for you!

He begins to bring a roll of masking tape over to me.

Me: Brennan, put the tape back.  I don't need to tape... OH!  You are so sweet!  Thank you for the tape!

What a sweet little boy.  He took my request to tape something a little too literally!  :)

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