Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brennan's new accomplishments!

Boy, has Brennan grown up a lot since my last 'B' update.  I thought it would be fun to share a few of his new developments. 
  1. Brennan now follows up every high five with a fist bump or two.... we have yet to get him to 'blow it up', though.
  2. Brennan says and waves bye bye.
  3. He can say a few words clear as a bell including "Emmy" (that's our dog), "Mama", "Daddy", "Owie", "All done", and "Bottle".  There are many more that only we would understand!
  4. Brennan's kisses aren't sloppy anymore and they make that adorable "Mmwah" sound.  I get hundreds of kisses on my face, arms and legs everyday. 
  5. He also blows kisses now, too!  It is one of his newer tricks, so the look on his face when he does it is just priceless.
  6. Brennan has turned into a monkey.... Actually, he's always been a monkey, but now he's just much stronger.  I need to keep a close eye on him or I'll find him standing on a stool or in the middle of a table.  Luckily he still stays in his crib and hasn't found an escape route yet!
  7. Brennan loves "Wheel of Fortune"... I guess we'll have a little man with a big vocabulary.
  8. He can now stack his 'big lego' blocks really well!  It's so fun to see how he's got that toy figured out.
  9. He isn't extremely far off from 'real' potty training.  Lately, whenever we take his diaper off, he makes a break for it and tries (emphasis on tries- sometimes Mommy just isn't fast enough) to pee somewhere before the dry diaper goes on.  A couple of times that somewhere has been his little potty!
  10. Brennan has an insane arm for a baby!  I think he's definitely going to be a baseball pitcher.  I can personally attest to the speed at which he throws things.  I've been hit in the face with wooden blocks.... they come at me awfully quickly!
Well, those are just a few of Brennan's new skills.  I bet I could write one of these a week!  They sure learn stuff fast at this age! 

Oh!  And I wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be doing another review and giveaway really soon!  It is for a fabulous little Etsy shop and you'll have a chance to win one of any of the crocheted hats she sells in her store!  It's a great giveaway!


  1. Isn't this the best age? I love it.
    I should really get a potty - Ms Ava is all about hiding behind her chair and peeing the moment a wet diaper is off and a new one is on the way. Oy.

    Congrats on the new baby!! How exciting!

  2. good for him and good for you for your hard work!!!! i've been so busy with the children that i have not been able to blog... and now school is back in session.... argh!!!! hope all is well with you, Brennan, baby bump, etc. etc!!!!


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