Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 Days- Day 9

Day 9- Post a picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

This category is also hard for me!  It is really a toss up between Ryan and my Mom.  My Mom helped me get through the huge adjustment of going from a parochial school to high school.  She helped me cope when Ryan left for his first year of college and we had to start a long distance relationship.  She was there for me during all of the ups and downs of high school.  The biggest thing she has helped me through was my miscarriage.  Ryan and Mom both were such huge sources of support during what was probably the most painful and difficult time of my life.

Ryan helped me transition from living at home to moving away, which was so hard for me.  He has supported me in my decisions to go back to school and then to stay home with Brennan.  And speaking of Brennan, Ryan helped me through the horrible weeks of morning sickness I had and helped me recover after my c-section.  There is so much more that they both have done for me that I haven't even mentioned!

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