Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day of Gratitude: Day 9

Today I'm thankful for trustworthy babysitters.  My parents, almost exclusively, watch the kids for me when I need someone to.  They live pretty close by, so it is convenient for me and the kids always have a great time.  They always spend a lot of time playing outside, getting fresh air, and also spend time getting work done around the house.  They live out in the country, so there is always wood to be stacked, chickens to feed, or other work to be done.  They are teaching the kids already about work ethic... work before play!  Brennan knows the drill and LOVES stacking wood and working his little buns off.  I love sending them out to Mom and Dad's because not only do I trust Grandma and Grandpa more than I would an unrelated babysitter, but the kids always come home happy, tired, and bathed in attention.  It is just good for everybody.

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