Monday, November 25, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 23

Today I am thankful for modern medicine.  We experienced a first today- bring a child to the ER.  It wasn't fun... not at all.  But, it was still a relief to be able to have x-rays taken and see that there was nothing broken in her poor little arm.  I'm also happy that we have common medicines that kill pain like Tylenol.  Being able to provide a little relief for our miserable baby girl was so appreciated. 

It turns out that Bryleigh dislocated her elbow.  The doctors suspected that dislocation might be the cause of her pain, but they weren't able to make her elbow pop into place, so they assumed it must just be muscle strain or a sprain.  She was still miserable the next morning (Yes... I'm writing this 2 days late again).  We made her a little baby sling for her bad arm.  She wouldn't even attempt to lift it.  It was horrible.  In the afternoon, she managed to trip over Daddy's big feet and fall.  She cried for a bit because I'm sure it hurt, but after she calmed down, suddenly her arm was healed!  She was moving it all around, waving, and hanging on the edge of the kitchen table!  I can't even put the relief I felt into words.  It is so horrible to see your child in pain and knowing that she was ok and felt so much better made me so thankful!

I was also so thankful that our wonderful friend Jen stayed with Brennan while we were at the hospital.  Jen and her husband Chris were over hanging out while the incident happened, so we were able to leave quickly once we realized that something was wrong.  So great to have caring, trustworthy friends in our lives.  Jen read Brennan his stories and got him tucked down for bed, all while answering his questions about Bryleigh and making him feel a little better about it.  The reason it happened in the first place was because Brennan "Karate'd" Bryleigh, in his own words.  We really wanted him to realize that we needed to bring Bryleigh to the doctor because of what he did to her, but also didn't want him to feel horrible.  Jen did a good job of reminding him that he needs to be gentle with his little sister without making him feel awful about everything.  I know that accidents are going to happen, but this was quite an experience for us all!  Glad we don't need to deal with this stuff everyday!

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