Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday- He's DEAD!

Boy, oh boy! Doesn't that title sound full of Christmas cheer?!?  Well, you've got Brennan to blame.

He's DEAD!

This morning, Brennan was standing and looking out of the bedroom window.

Brennan: Hey Mom!  There's a squirrel running in the snow!
Me: Wow, cool!  He's so fast!

Brennan: Yeah, he is fast.

Still looking out the window...

Me: How does our snowman look out there?

He is now 2 ball of snow lying on the ground with one arm sticking straight up...

Brennan (without hesitation): He's DEAD!
Me: Yeah, he's not looking very good is he?
Brennan: No, he's not... HE IS DEAD!
Me: That's too bad.  We'll need to build another one when we get more snow.
Brennan: Yeah, we will, but this one is DEAD!!

Yep, got it. :)

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