Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday- Naughty Puppies!

Naughty Puppies!

Yesterday, while I was working on putting clothes away in the kids' room, I watched an interesting interaction unfolding.

Brennan: You puppies are being naughty!  You are having a time out!

He gets the timer and puts them on the time out bench.

Me: Brennan, your puppies are in time out?
Brennan: Yep.
Me: What did they do wrong?  How were they naughty?
Brennan: They spanked Bryleigh!!!
Me: Oh, that is naughty!

After a couple of minutes, he pardoned them and let them come out, but soon enough, they were making trouble again.

Brennan: You need a time out!
Me: They were naughty again?!?!  What did they do this time?
Brennan: They spanked Bryleigh!!!
Me: That is so naughty.  I wonder why they are being so naughty...

A few minutes passed and he, again, went to talk to the offending dogs.

Brennan: I'm sorry I had to spank you.  It is not fun.  You are done with time out.
Me: Did the puppies tell Bryleigh 'sorry'?

Brennan proceeded to make the dirty dogs apologize.  Maybe they've learned their lessons.

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