Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowy, snowy day!

This afternoon I was sitting on my couch, nursing my sweet baby girl to sleep, and blogging one-handed.  The snow was piling up outside (literally piling up!) and I was quite cozy inside.  The view was absolutely beautiful.

Fast forward about 5 hours.  As of now we have over 10.5" at our house.  We just got  back in from snowblowing, shoveling, and snowman building.  Brennan is a lucky little boy and got to spend last night at Gigi and JuJu's house (Grandma and Grandpa) before playing there today.  Now, because of the snow, Brennan gets to spend the night again!  Bryleigh enjoyed a little outside time and built her first snowman with Mama while Daddy was doing all of the real work.

Last year we had almost no snow, so we are all enjoying the pieces out of this blizzard.  Here are a few pictures!

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