Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday- I can do this!

I can do this!

Brennan was playing with his alphabet magnets on the couch when he decided to start shoving them down the crack.
Me: Brennan, don't do that.  We won't be able to get the letters back easily.

He reluctantly stops, thinks for a minute, and then lays down on the floor to reach under the couch for his magnets.  He gets one, tells me what letter it is, and continues on.  After retrieving several of the closest ones, I see him struggling to reach another.

Me: It's hard to get them out now, isn't it.

He suddenly stops, stands up, and with an emphatic motion, proclaims-

Brennan: Don't worry!  I can do this!  I'll move the couch a little bit.

In one fluid motion he springs onto the couch, and slips between the arm and the wall.  Sure enough, the couch begins to budge.  Remember... Brennan is TWO!  It slides out further and further, and with great encouragement from me, he finally gets it moved enough to retrieve the difficult 'J'!  

Good job, big boy!

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