Saturday, January 7, 2012


Since mid-December, a cherished member of our household has been missing in action.  You're probably already feeling worried for us, thinking that our beloved dog or cat (we don't have a cat...) has run away.  Don't worry- this situation was just a tad different. 

You see, Brennan has this Little People block set that came with toy monkey and zebra figurines.  He carried them around like little buddies until one day, we could no longer find "Fwa-zee-zee" (A.K.A.- Zebra).  We scoured the house from top to bottom searching for Fwa-zee-zee, to no avail.  We assumed that he was still tucked away into some secret little hiding spot and that he would turn up soon.  We also assumed that if we didn't find him, Brennan would quickly move on and forget about Fwa-zee-zee.  NOT THE CASE!

Every night, and sometimes multiple times during the day, Brennan would grab either my or Ryan's hand and say, "Fwa-zee-zee!" while pulling us along on the hunt with him.  He would always start the search in his room, laying down flat on the floor to peer under his changing table, before moving onto other possible hiding spots.  We looked everywhere!  The only logical explanation was that he could have been thrown away (but I went through the garbage before bringing it out just in case...) or flushed down the toilet.  Of course, when I asked Brennan if he flushed Fwa-zee-zee, he just replied, "Flushed!" along with a matching hand gesture.  Where else could Fwa-zee-zee be?!?!  Finally we decided that Fwa-zee-zee was not going to be found, at least not anytime in the near future.  We figure that we'll probably find him on the day we move out of our house, sometime down the road...  Still, Brennan wanted to keep looking for him and we were getting quite sick of looking.

Lucky for us, there was one (and ONLY one) exact Fwa-zee-zee match on eBay, and I quickly decided that it was worth the $3.49 to just buy it and end the hunt.  Fwa-zee-zee just arrived in the mail yesterday, but instead of simply giving him to Brennan, I had a plan.  We were going to make all of the hunting worthwhile!

I secretly sneaked Fwa-zee-zee into the perfect location under Brennan's changing table when he wasn't looking and waited, camera in hand, for the hunt to begin!  The results were pretty darn cute.

Now, as I write this, Fwa-zee-zee lays on the couch next to me, waiting to be flushed played with.  He looks pretty happy to be home!  I know his tiny owner is glad to have him back.


  1. very cute!!!! :) that's one happy little boy!

  2. After spending the day with him, I can confirm that he really loves fwa-zee-zee. I was afraid fwa-zee-zee was going to get dizzy on the spinning machine he has. Sure had fun today.
    Grandma and Grandpa

  3. Such a cute and fun story! Glad he has his pal's duplicate back.

  4. Such a cute and fun story! Glad he has his pal's duplicate back.

  5. Pretty funny...i have a friend who has scoured ebay for a duplicate "lovey" for her luck.

    Have fun with the new "Zee Zee!"

  6. The zebra was my favorite animal growing up. What great parents you are.


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